Stator lacing machines are used by manufacturers of electric motors to lace the stator end coils. LINK manufactured lacing equipment has been a standard within the motor industry for over 50 years. In addition, LINK makes a variety of test systems for electric motors, starters, alternators and generators.

Several different models of stator lacing machines are available to lace a wide variety of stator sizes.

Some lacing machine models utilize rugged mechanical cams for high-speed lacing of long production runs. Other use servo motors to allow rapid machine changeover to accommodate short runs of many different stator sizes.

M-0955 Double End Stator Lacing Machine
M-0942 Double End Stator Lacing Machine
M-0975 Single End Stator Lacing Machine
M-1048 Single End Stator lacing Machine

Manual Operation or Automated Functions

These stator lacing machines are available in basic, manual operator attended form, or they can be configured with a wide variety of features and options for automation of many functions. Single-end machines are available to lace each coil end separately, and double-end machines are available to lace both coil ends simultaneously. Several different control systems are available, including popular industrial PLC’s. For more information on LINK Stator lacing Machines, please contact us.

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